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Privacy policy

Name and address of the responsible person

The person responsible as per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other national privacy policy laws of the EU member states as well as other policies in terms of data-protection law is

Pedro F. Hernández Correa

Lagerhausstr. 14
D-82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Tel.: +49 (0) 170 4092713

Email: info@phcdesign.com

Handling of personal data

When accessing this website to inform yourself, some data and information are automatically transmitted by your browser to the server.
 This is necessary for the technical operation of this website, to protect information technology systems, and for analysis purposes.

The following data is transmitted:

  • IP address: to enable displaying the website when opened and send back the data to you; no further processing or storage is done
  • if available: the website from which the user was linked ("referer"): for analysis purposes
  • information about the browser, its version and language: for analysis purposes
  • information about the operating system: for analysis purposes
  • page view counts of the different pages: for analysis purposes, to optimize the information provided on the website
  • location from which the website was accessed (anonymized to country): for analysis purposes, to optimize the information provided on the website

Never is this data linked to any person, to personal information or to data that could be traced back to a person. Any data used for analysis purposes is anonymized. This website does not collect or store any personal data beyond what is necessary for the technical operation and for the analysis purposes.

You can request information about emails sent to me via the link on page > contact and have not yet been deleted by me. Upon request, emails can be deleted anytime.


Cookies are small text files created by many websites and stored in your browser, to save information or statuses and use them later on.

This website does not generate or use any cookies, except for the page > specialities. The YouTube video embedded on that page might use cookies. However, the video is embedded using the domain youtube-nocookies.com, which prevents any personal identification of YouTube users and any linkage to personal information.